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* CSI Outfitters Promethean Training Manual*

Posted by IT on Tuesday, Apr 27th, 2010.
When cleaning the Promethean / Sanyo projectors, please make sure the following occurs:

1- Projectors should be turned off and completely cooled down before attempting to remove and clean the filters. The bulbs are extremely hot and if dust rolls off the filter while the fan is running, it will carry the dust into the projector and through to the bulb possibly causing a flash. To this point should the filter be allowed to get excessively clogged between cleanings, the dust can also fall off the filter and into the unit, get picked up by the fan and move through to the bulb possibly causing a flash and smoke.

2- NEVER spray air from a canned air source inside the projector. Wipe the projector with a soft, dry cloth after it has been powered off. Remove the filters from the projector. Then while holding the filter AWAY from the projector, compressed can air with non-flammable propellants may be used to spray the filters if desired. Please keep the canned air away from the projectors at all times.

Attached are the revised instructions.

Posted by IT on Wednesday, Jan 13th, 2010.
Just a note to say thank you to you and/or your fellow staff member for making sure all the projector filters for the Promethean / Smart boards are being cleaned on a monthly basis. It is so critical that this maintenance continues.

We have noticed at some schools that even though the filters are being cleaned monthly, a great deal of dust is still accumulating on the filters. This will occur majority of the time if the projector is powered on all day. If the teachers are not using the board, please stress to them to power the projector off, whether it is going to lunch, to the lab, students taking a tests, etc. In addition, projectors should not be used as the clock and should never be left on over night.

Using them when only necessary will also extend the life of the projector bulb and save your school money when the bulbs are no longer under warranty.
Posted by IT on Tuesday, Nov 10th, 2009.
The Microsoft School Agreement 3.4 Work at Home Acceptance Form must be completed before any Microsoft Office software is loaded on a non-GCSD computer. Please fax a completed form to IT and keep a copy for your records.

Posted by IT on Thursday, Nov 5th, 2009.
Please submit a work order for any website(s) that needs to be unblocked. Be sure to include in the work order, 1- the actual link that is being blocked AND 2- the category that shows on the Websense page that it is being blocked for. Choose IT Software > Websense in the work order system and at this time, please choose Mike Bland for the assignment.
Posted by IT on Wednesday, Nov 4th, 2009.
Please do not reply to emails you may receive from The only time you will be receiving one of these emails is if someone in the IT department is responding to a work order and needs more information or clarification.
This is a generic address that no one will be checking.  Instead of clicking on Reply from the email, click on View Ticket located at the bottom of the email.  Log into the work order system and click on Add Comment at the bottom.  Enter your reply, click on Notify Technician and submit.
Posted by IT on Wednesday, Nov 4th, 2009.
In order for IT to be aware of ALL technological issues; every Promethean, Tandberg and CSI financial equipment issue needs to be addressed thru the IT Dept. Help-Desk and/or submitted as a work order.  IT will then follow through by contacting the proper vendor personnel for support should it be needed.