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Funding Education Beyond High School


The new College Preparation Checklist is for all students considering or planning of college. Go to for more information

South Carolina Student Loan- visit for loan application and information. Students may borrow up to $15,000 per year, up to a cumulative maximum amount of $60,000. 


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Adventures in Education

This site contains basic information on a selecting a school, how to get money for school, what parents need to know, and a financial need estimator.


Current articles on organizing personal finances to prepare for college.

College Board Financial Aid Profile

On line registration and FAQ for the PROFILE, a program of the College Scholarship Service® (CSS®), the financial aid division of the College Board. Many colleges, universities, and scholarship programs use the information collected on PROFILE to help them award nonfederal student aid funds.

College Funding Company

This site is a coalition of four not-for-profit organizations dedicated to helping families learn about and fund higher education.

College Planning

While this site features information on the entire college preparation process, it is sponsored by a credit union and its financial information features are especially strong.

Compare Your Aid Awards

This site, sponsored by the College Board, helps students and their families understand their award letter, compare aid offers and learn about strategies for paying their share of the cost.

Completing the FAFSA

Get detailed information on how to complete each question on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The 2003-04 version is already online.

ED Office of Post secondary Education (OPE) Home Pag e

Obtain general information about the financial aid process on the federal level.


The seventh largest education lender in the US offers information about its student loans and federal student aid.

eStudent Loan

Compare loans and apply online with major lenders. Search for scholarships. See what loans your school recommends.

FAFSA on the WEB

An interactive application that students can use to apply for federal student aid over the net. Extensive help screens prevent errors that can delay processing.

Federal Student Aid for Counselors

While the federal government prepared this site to help counselors give good financial advice to their students preparing for college, students and parents will find it valuable to read themselves.

FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page

Financial Aid Information Page - regularly updated, current, objective - vast source of all types of financial information. This is the most complete financial aid page we've found so far!

Financing Education

Comprehensive site from Peterson's offers articles on many financial aid topics.

Funding Your Education provides general information about the US Department of Education's federal student financial aid programs. It is designed for high school students and others considering entering a post secondary school for the first time. Looking for Student Aid - A short brochure covering sources of Free Information About Student Aid and using Scholarship Search Services. The Student Guide tells you about federal student financial aid (SFA) programs and how to apply for them.

Financial Aid Resource Center

This site is maintained by a former financial aid administrator. You can subscribe to his free financial aid newsletter via e-mail and get advice on the entire funding for college process.


FundsnetTM  is a privately owned Web site created in 1996 to assist nonprofit organizations find funding resources on the Internet. It has pages listing scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission /College Zone

This master site has links to Info Cafe, Infonet, and Mapping Your Future - information on grant, scholarship & loan programs administered by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission and other financial advice for families and students preparing for college.

International Education Finance Corporation

This companies specializes in giving loans to students who wish to study overseas.


While this is a commercial site sponsored by a financial institution involved with college loans, it has a user friendly explanation of the financial aid process for both parents and students.

National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

Professional site has many links to financial aid information of special interest to parents

Nellie Mae

Largest nonprofit organization in the US that provides information about student loan and financial aid plans.


Comprehensive site offers search for financial aid and information about scholarships.


This site is sponsored by a nonprofit loan organization and features financial planning information.

Sallie Mae

Extensive financial aid site including scholarship and loan information.

Selective Service

Males must register for selective service before they can receive financial aid. This site allows you to register on-line.

Smart Money

This site is affiliated with the magazine and discusses planning for college and the financial ramifications.

Southwest Student Services Corporation

While this is a commercial site sponsored by a financial institution involved with college loans, it has a user friendly explanation of the financial aid process for both parents and students.

Student Aid

Site sponsored by the federal government provides students and parents with free, online tools to help them access information about higher education and learn the facts about its affordability. The site offers: a student profile feature to assess career interests, highlight schools that offer degrees in those fields and offer job search strategies; a calculator to project education costs into the future and to develop a financing plan; information about federal financial aid programs, tax credits and links to private scholarship sites; online federal financial aid application; college admission application processes and standardized testing requirements for school admissions; and a planning timeline to help students schedule their high school courses to meet academic requirements for the college of their choice.

Title IV Institution Codes

Use this site to find your school's Title IV code when you fill in your FAFSA.
Finaincial aid information

Financail Aid Infromation
Financial Aid information



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