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Rather than send papers home this year, I am encouraging all to check out ART NEWS here please. In fact, I just wrote a long welcome letter; however ... it deleted when I hit SAVE. I even saw a message that it couldn't be saved at this time. Now, wouldn't it be nice if technology told us in advance of technical difficulties as opposed to after the fact ... : )
I'll keep this short in case it happens again
(and will add more later).
So ... welcome ... :)
Please enjoy reading the new and old news.
If interested in the Art Patron Program,
please check it out here also.
Classes are quite crowded again,
but filled with happy and delightful students.
The year is off to a great start!
Please know that parents are welcome to sign in
and drop in any time. Bring ear plugs ...
or 36 lollipops .... : )


Artist Research Project


The information has been posted on the board for months;

yet, as a reminder, here it is for 7th AND 8th Graders:

Choose an artist of interest to you.

The artist might be a famous artist living or dead ...

a family member ... a neighbor ... etc.

You may interview the person if he /she is alive or you may write about the person

from your perspective. This is homework.

- The paper will be typed - 1 page minimum,double spaced, and 12 point font.

You will then do a piece of art in class as your interpretation of the style of the artist.

Paper = 40 points

Art = 40 points

Turned in on Time = 20 points

Quote ©Sharon Rhea Ford 2009


Hi there my dear WMS Artists and Parents.
I want to share a bit of our WMS talent here from the past
and as it progresses in the present.
I hope you'll enjoy all the art (on this and the Scrapbook pages)
from our fabulous WMS Artists.
Updates will be added throughout the year
now that I've recovered my school pages.
As always, thank you !
We could not do what we do without YOU !
I always send an Art Packet home with each student
at the beginning of the new quarter. 
I'm saving trees (and my own HP Ink Cartridges ) this year. 
I'm going paperless just like all my charge card bills ... : ) 
I've noticed several teachers have included
background information on the web page.
Here's my brief synopsis ...
First, I have to say that I've always been
proud to be a WILDCAT .... ;)
I've been a Waccamaw Middle School WILDCAT
since the day we opened our school.
I will always be very proud also to be a
University of Arizona WILDCAT
where I earned my BFA in Visual Arts
(commercial art: illustration and graphics ... and minors in marketing and advertising)
 I am also a Pi Phi (Pi Beta Phi)
and Phi Theta Kappa.
After a corporate career in art
(working with Tom Wilson - the creator of Ziggy), sales,
and retail management, I was chosen to participate in
Kent State University's pilot MAT program earning my masters degree in teaching, completing student teaching, and becoming certified to teach elementary education 1-8 ... all in one year.
It was a fun and challenging experience (and the program was changed to a two year program after our group graduated).
I earned my 30 hours over my masters from the Citadel.
I completed the NBPTS process and hold the certificate as
a National Board Certified Teacher in Art.
The short version is: National Board Certified Teacher,
Art,HQ ...
Reading Teacher, HQ ...
Elementary Education, HQ ...
Masters plus 30+ ...
and not interested in any more papers ... : )
Sullins College for Women - AFA
University of Arizona - BFA
Kent State University - MAT
The Citadel - Post Graduate Plus 30 + + yadayada ... ;)
My parents are the foundation and substance
 of who I actually am though ... :)
My life has been devoted to them. I adore them.
With that in mind, I certainly respect the opinions
and perspective of you as parents in any situation.
Thank you,
Sharon Rhea Ford
Veritas Vincit

One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.
- Leonardo Da Vinci

Please See the Art Patron Fund Page on My School Site Here for Further Information. Thanks!

You'll succeed and enjoy the art experience, if you:
Show effort.
Show respect to all around.
Respect the work of others.
Work at your table without roaming the room.
Do not yell from one table to another. Don't yell period.
Clean up after yourself every class.
Use supplies as intended rather than as missiles !
Show maturity.
Ask for my guidance and assistance,
but don't ask if I'll draw it for you ... :) I don't do that.
If you think the art class is study hall, think again.
If you think the art class is social hour
to simply sit and talk, think again ... : )


If you THINK ...

the art class is where you use creative ...

divergent independent thinking ....

where you express your unique self,

you thought correctly!



To create one's own world in any of the arts takes courage.
-Georgia O'Keeffe

You're going to love art !
Bring your own style and imagination.



ColorLight reflected off objects. Color has 3 main characteristics: hue (red, green, blue, etc.), value, and intensity (how bright or dull it is).
ShapeShape has only height and width.Usually, but not always, defined by line.
ValueThe lightness or darkness of a color.
SpacePositive Space Negative space When describing 2-D art, space is an illusion created by overlap, size relationships and perspective. Sculptures occupy real or actual space.
FormDescribes volume and mass, or the three dimensional aspects of objects
TextureThe surface quality. May be implied or actual texture that we sense through touch.
LineA line is a mark made by a moving point.


abstractfocus is on elements such as colors, lines, or shapes; not realistic
balancea feeling of equality in weight, attention, or attraction; equal amounts on each side of an imaginary line
ceramicsobjects made of clay and fired in a kiln
collagegrouping of different textures, objects and materials glued down
colormade of hue (the colors themselves) and intensity (how vivid or dull they are)
color wheela round diagram that shows the placement of colors in relationship to each other
complementary colorscolors at opposite sides of the color wheel; red and green, blue and orange, yellow and violet
cool colorcolors that seem cool; green, blue-green, blue, blue-violet, and violet
cubismartwork that shows natural forms changed into geometric shapes
elements of designline, form, value, texture, color, and shape
emphasisthe stress placed on a single area of a work; creates a center of interest
expressionismpainting of feelings, sometimes with recognizable images, often abstract
focal pointa specific area, element or principle that dominates a work of art; the viewer's eye is usually drawn there first
form3-D height, width, depth
galleryA room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited.
horizon linedistant view where the sky meets the water or land at the artist�s eye level
impressionisman outdoor painting technique that shows changes in light and color
kilnan oven in which pottery or ceramic ware is fired
landscapea scenery painting, drawing, or photograph; also includes cityscape or seascape
linethe path of a moving point
monochromaticdifferent values of a single color
mosaicdesign or picture created by imbedding stones or pieces of glass on a floor, vault, or wall
muralpainting made to fill a wall
pointillismapplying pure color in small dots and allowing the eye to mix the colors
pop artobjects from commercial art and pop culture made into artwork
portraita painting, photograph, or other artistic representation of a person
positive spacespace that is occupied by an element or a form
pottera craftsman who shapes pottery on a potter's wheel and bakes it in a kiln
potter's wheela horizontal disk revolving on a spindle and carrying the clay being shaped by the potter
potterya form of ceramics, where wet clay is shaped and dried, then fired to harden
primary colorsred, yellow, and blue All other colors can be made from these
principles of designbalance, movement, emphasis, contrast, proportion, space, and unity
printmakingartwork created from a plate; transformed through a technique such as engraving, etching or woodcut, then inked and transferred to paper
realisman artist's attempt to portray a subject as accurately as possible
repetitionuse of line, color or motif in more than one place in a composition
rhythmrepeated use of similar elements such as color, line, shape; smooth transition from one part to another
secondary colorsgreen, purple, and orange; made by mixing the primary colors
self portraita portrait an artist makes by using himself or herself as the subject
shadea color produced by adding black to a pigment
shapean area enclosed by an outline
still lifea painting or other two-dimensional work of art representing inanimate (not living) objects
symmetrical balanceidentical forms on either side of a central axis
texturethe surface quality of an object
three-dimensionalGiving the illusion of three dimensions (height, width, depth)
tinta hue with whited added. Example: Pink is a tint of red.
two-dimensionalhaving two dimensions (height and width); something that is flat
unityoneness or wholeness: all parts seem to belong together
valuedifferences in the light and dark of a color
warm colorcolors that seem warm (Red-violet, red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, and yellow)


Any clipart I use on this site has been legally purchased by me with permission from the companies / artists (honoring all copyright laws).

When necessary, I have also purchased CU and CU4CU Licenses.

It is my obligation though to state:

Images may not be copied nor downloaded.

Always respect copyright laws.





Until we meet again, peace be with you .... :)



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