Mrs. LaTanya Goodson

Curriculum Coach

2012 -2013

We believe that student learning is the chief priority of our school, and that all students are capable of learning.  Each student will be regarded as a valued individual.

We believe that all people have the right to live, work, and learn in a safe environment...and with that, each person must accept responsibility for his or her own behavior.  All of our students have the potential to be successful, and we want them to be just that.

Family and community involvement is an important part of the educational process, and research has shown that students with involved parents are are more successful.

We know that the early adolescent has special educational, social, and emotional needs, and it is our aim to meet those needs.  We welcome you to our school and we welcome you as a partner in educating your child.

Mission Statement

The mission of Georgetown Middle School is to provide students with opportunities to become successful and responsible citizens in an ever-changing society.